Be Different

December 8, 2014


Have you ever exhausted yourself mentally, emotionally, or physically trying to control someone else?  Have you ever proclaimed what adjustments another person should make, avenues they should take, or habits they should shake? Have you ever changed your behavior attempting to change someone else’s?

Have you ever wanted someone to simply be different?

If you answered yes, the following is likely to be true.

You suffered.  When someone else’s path doesn’t align with your vision (layered with your ideals, values, and fantasies), it’s likely to create suffering.  And that suffering has a price tag: YOUR quality of life.  

The irony is this: everyone outside of you is a reflection of you.  When you experience a deep desire for another person to be or act differently – it’s simply a mirror reflecting back a part of yourself that needs attention.

The moment you choose to relinquish your attachment to the character or behavior of others, you reclaim that energy for yourself.  What can you do with that precious mental, emotional, and physical energy?

Heal your life, follow your dreams, invest in the world… live in peace.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: who might benefit from being different now?