Don’t wait

July 25, 2014


It’s midnight at the piano and the past 13 hours were spent behind a much different keyboard: my computer.  As I sat next to my research colleague, we laughed at the chaotic entanglement of ideas that we were so awkwardly weaving together.  Years of ideas quickly became words – words that would transform into a study protocol that would illuminate the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people… including my own.

A decade of knowledge and experience passed between us as the hours flew curiously by:

type, edit, review, repeat.

I thought of the hundreds of research papers I have read: intelligent, succinct, relevant… gifted with the time-honored stamp of publication only awarded to those works that have endured exhaustive scrutinization.  What perfection!!!

Their beginnings, however, started just like ours: clumsy with a hint of clever.  My colleague grinned playfully at me and said, “This is how you do it.  You just do it.  You don’t wait.”

I sit at the piano – amused, tired, unsure of what will happen next… appreciating the miracle and beauty that happens when we move in faith and simply don’t wait.