Fight to win

August 5, 2014

Boxing Gloves.jpg

Last Tuesday, I swam a mile.  I did not do it to lose weight, to manage stress, or improve my  cardiovascular capacity.  I did it to win… to prove to myself that I could.

We often see others as adversaries: someone will lose… and someone will win.  In fact, we are culturally fixated on a hierarchy of domination.

Who is more powerful, beautiful, charming, wealthy, fit, skilled, intelligent, accomplished, witty, interesting, talented, etc?!

The most important battles, however, aren’t happening with other people… they’re happening with our beliefs.  Our behavior reflects our beliefs (conscious or otherwise); we typically respond to circumstances in a way that reflects our most dominant thoughts: for better and for worse.  Whether it’s health, relationships, finances, or career… our mind is the creative canvas for possibility.

The only way to win a fight is to truly know the opponent.  This requires a willingness to see the truth about ourselves and what we believe.  If you feel weak, defeated, or stuck… chances are there is a dominating thought holding you back.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Great victories don’t happen without a great battle.  What do you believe you cannot do?  Do that.

Rather than compete with one another, let us fight together the battles that truly matter.                    Know your opponent!  Prepare to fight!  Fight to win!