Success is…

July 30, 2014


There are innumerable ways in which success may be qualified.  The dictionary defines success as: (n) the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Income.  Beauty.  House.  Family.  Awards.  Cars.  Physique.  Savings.  Children.  Education.  Promotions.  Health.  Relationships.  Career.

The carrot dangles… and we begin to dance.  Frantically.  After a period of time however, living in a world of attainment and loss, we begin to fatigue.  The economy dives.  The test is positive.  The promotion passes.  The partner leaves.  The wrinkles deepen.  The house burns.  The children rebel.

Before succumbing to cynicism, it’s important to illuminate one of the most powerful and often overlooked qualifiers of success.  It is not an outcome, but a process and an ability that we can nurture; in turn, it beautifies our life in very surprising, rewarding, and meaningful ways.

Success is: listening and responding to our most profound truth.

Profound truth is complex and mysterious.  It is perceived with our whole being: a visceral connection to what ‘is’.  It has been called intuition… whispers of wisdom… the voice of God.

Regardless of semantics, it is the navigational compass for personal expansion; by trusting and courageously taking the next ‘right step’ in any given situation, we align ourselves on a path to a future exceedingly and abundantly more than we imagine: a future of true abundance.

Gains and losses will come and go but only truth remains… and it’s ours for the taking!