Y + Y + Y = :)

March 23, 2015


You make millions of decisions a day.  Each word is a choice, each behavior is a choice, each thought is a choice.  Your journey as an evolving individual is fundamentally influenced by the choices you make: for better and for worse.

Being ‘at the helm’ of life doesn’t mean being in control.  It means that you’re navigating your life’s circumstances making the highest choices for the highest good.  In doing so, you are not guaranteed the smoothest sail, but you will have a more peaceful journey… and one you can be proud of.

How do you make the ‘highest choice for the highest good’?  

The equation is simple: Y + Y + Y = :)

Rather than reacting or acting on impulse, slow down and consider the following questions:

  • Does this choice make sense within my mind: is this the highest choice?
  • Does this choice feel right within my body: is this the highest choice?
  • Does this choice resonate within my spirit: is this the highest choice?

If any answer results in a NO, consider why.  That learning will be a very valuable tool.  Then consider other alternatives and filter the new choices through the equation again.

When you’re able to answer YES, YES and YES move expeditiously towards the goal: which is a happier, healthier, more peaceful and successful you!