A New Love Song

July 27, 2014

all you need

I love music: melodies, rhythms, harmonies, bridges, hooks, key changes, bass lines … and on occasion – lyrics. I’m frequently fascinated with the lyrics of love songs!  Love songs however, typically aren’t about love; they’re about romance.  Romance, which is traditionally synonymous with love in popular culture, is a powerful agent.  It affects our physiology, our psychology and our behavior.  Its intensity has scientifically been proven to be addictive and it has been the precursor to a spectrum of outcomes: from feats of courage to fits of rage.

No wonder we’re singing about it!  But what are we singing about?

Most of the time: escape, fantasy, unrealistic expectations, empty promises, a desire to heal our brokeness…

Why not write a new love song?  A song that sings:

My priority is to continue becoming the highest version of myself – I offer that to you.
I am committed to healing my wounds – so that I do not wound you unnecessarily.
Your wholeness and happiness matter to me – I will learn how to actively support that.
I accept responsibility for co-creating joy, beauty, and intimacy with you – I’m 100% in.

Now that’s sexy: a song with substance that will truly make your heart sing!