Dating: The Wrong Question

September 29, 2014


There has been an incredible influx of media on dating strategies.

Do this.  Stop that.  Say this.  Exude that.  Manifest this.

But for many well intended lovers, their yearning heart weakens with the dawning reality that ‘the one‘ has not yet arrived… despite their best efforts.  There is nothing wrong with identifying the type of person that you’d like to share, explore and enjoy life with.  However, the cultural trap is this….

Dating interactions are often laden with undertones of this question: “Are you the one?”  

This inquiry distracts us from really enjoying the opportunity to truly know someone.  It becomes a filter from which we view, but never really see the person behind the persona.  Time, experience, and a willingness to know the truth about another is the only pathway to a healthy connection!

What type of connection will it be?  A question of absolute futility!  Relinquish your energy and surrender to the mystery; explore and express with an open and curious heart… and trust the answer will come in perfect timing.